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Dear Valued Customer,

This is a once-a-year expense that prevents very costly repairs due to freeze damage. Not all people
doing low priced winterizations will be there if something goes wrong. We will be there all year for you.
Please contact us as soon as possible by phone or website contact form to reserve a winterization date
before the days fill up.
If you wait too long to request the winterization service, we will be booked up.
Discounts are NOT based on the date you call it. Discounts are based on the date-of-service.

Call 208-377-9000 for pricing of your sprinkler system.

We offer discounts to customer who help us keep costs down.
Discounts can be combined.
$10 Discount for Winterizations performed on or before October 10th

$10 Discount for Winterizations requiring NO time commitment and NO ETA Call.
If the Main/Drain-Valve is not accessible, there will be an additional charge for cleaning them out.

Call early before dates fill up to avoid the freezing weather rush. The desired days in October are
usually filled up before October 1st.

We suggest winterizing while the night temperature is above freezing to avoid damage.
Many systems with above ground backflow preventers, above ground irrigation pumps or irrigation filters
can be ruined by a sudden freeze.

Have your repairs done before October 1st
to avoid the winterization rush.

If at the time of winterization, we find that your system needs repairs, we will note our records to do the
repairs in the spring. This way we will be better able to check our work.