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Dear Valued Customer:
Call to get on the sprinkler system Turn-On scheduled before the schedule fills up.

We will run all stations, set the timer, make minor adjustments to improve coverage.
We will document any observed repairs needed and provide you with an estimate to repair.

2) Full Turn-On with Adjustments and REPAIRS up to the amount approved by the customer
We will run all stations, set the timer, make minor adjustments to improve coverage.
We will repair any observed issues and provide you with an estimate for any repairs beyond the
customer approved dollar amount.

3) Backflow Test:
The State of Idaho requires this test be done on any sprinkler system that is connected to
city water and that the test be performed by a licensed and certified technician using
annually calibrated equipment. We meet the requirements to perform this service for

4) Three Mid-Season Sprinkler System Check-Ups
These Check-Ups are scheduled to occur throughout the watering season.


  1. Base Price is for service we perform at NO arrival time commitment (we arrive when it fits our schedule)
  2. Add $25.00 to base price for Specific Time Appointment.
  3. Add $10 for properties not within the Boise, Garden City, Meridian or Eagle area.
  4. Customers who reschedule for a repair trip will be charged a minimum of $44.00 plus parts & labor.
  5. Systems that require more than 40 minutes to check out will be billed for the parts & labor beyond the 40 minutes timeframe.
  6. Raising the heads extends the life of the head seal & increases distance of the spray.  (There is an extra charge for parts & labor beyond 40 minutes).

Things you need to know & do in preparation for your Sprinkler Turn-On:

  1. Please let us know where the Sprinkler Timer is located when you call us to schedule the Turn-On.
  2. For best results, we suggest having the soil over top of the sprinkler heads cut.

Definition of Systems:
Regular System: One Supply (City or Irrigation or Well water only; Not multiple sources).
Dual System: Both City or Well & Irrigation water; two supplies.
We strongly recommend wallet protectors on all dual systems to reduce loss of water & money.

Special Note about types of Backflow preventers:
There are two main categories of backflow preventers.  Those that are required to be installed Above Ground (PVB & RP) and the one that is allowed to be installed Below Ground (DCVA).   The safest time to turn-on systems with a PVB backflows is April 1st or later.  The safest time to turn-on systems with an RP backflows is May 1st or later.
Systems that have a DCVA installed Below Ground are safe to turn-on now.  If you have a single water sourced system that only has a city water with a PVB or RP and choose to convert to a Below Ground DCVA you will be able to turn your sprinklers on sooner in the spring, safely water longer in the fall and save on potential repairs needed now on your PVB and any repairs it might need in the future (caused by being above ground or due to its age).

Thank you for your Business & Referrals!
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